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심플하고 경제적인 클라우드 렌더링 솔루션

GarageFarm.NET gives studios access to large computational power through a “plug and play” integration into existing 3D tools. Freelancers and creative teams can leverage cloud technology to boost their rendering needs on-demand at a low cost. Software installation is easy, and it doesn’t require any IT knowledge. Ultimately, artists are in control and can choose what’s best for their needs.

가라지팜은 기존 3D도구에 "plug and play"를 통합하여
각 스튜디오가 강력한 성능을 가진 컴퓨터에 액세스 할 수 있도록 만들어드리는 곳입니다.
프리랜서 및 창조적인 작업을 하시는 크루 분들이 가라지팜의 클라우드 기술을 활용하여
저렴한 비용으로 주문형 렌더링에 대한 니즈를 채우고 계십니다.
가라지팜은 소프트웨어 설치가 쉽고, IT지식이 없이도 충분히 활용하실 수 있는 클라우드 렌더링 서비스입니다. 아티스트 스스로 제어하실 수도 있으며, 본인에게 가장 필요하고 가장 적합한 것을 선택해 렌더링 할 수 있습니다.

-전세계 수천명의 예술가와 크루들이 가라지팜을 신뢰하고 있습니다.-
trusted by thousands of artists and
teams around the globe
Bricks Visual
Gravity London
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Bricks Visual
Gravity London
HU_SH London
Armstrong White

클라우드 렌더팜

완벽하게 자동화된 CPU & GPU 렌더팜
  • CPU 와 GPU 노드 중 선택가능
  • 완벽하고 효율적인 통합
  • 20,000 CPU 코어
  • 2,000,000 CUDA 코어
  • CPU 노드 : 4x CPU’s, 176 cores, 256 GB RAM
  • GPU 노드 : 8x Tesla K80 cards, 128 GB RAM
  • 가격정책: $0.015/GHz & $0.0025/OBh
  • 연중무휴 모니터링 및 기술지원 제공

클라우드 서버렌탈

원격데스크톱을 통해 액세스 할 수있는 GPU 서버임대서비스
  • 강력한 NVIDIA 렌더링 머신 대여
  • 유연성하게, 그리고 완벽하게 서버 제어 가능
  • 전용 GPU 서버
  • 10x GTX 1080 Ti per 서버
  • 8x Tesla V100 per 서버
  • 시중에서 가장 저렴한 가격(시간당)
  • 몇 분 만에 구성되며, 서버 설정이 필요 없음
  • 연중무휴 모니터링 및 기술지원 제공
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Xesktop을 통해 사용 가능

Every time I used other render services I felt I was in the dark submitting the job. And if something went wrong, too bad, you are alone. GarageFarm offers the chance to have a real-time chat with a person that can really help if anything goes wrong or if I have any doubt about something happening after I submit my work.

- Camilo Veliovich, 3d Generalist at Aparato

Having the burden of maintaining a render farm is not an easy task. It is not something we felt as a small studio we wanted to tackle. We would rather spend our time on making the work and not stressing why something is not rendering properly. There are people there 24/7 to help, and I never have to wait for things to get resolved.

- Dave Greene, creative director at Iamstatic

The quick response from the team and the simplicity of the workflow made the experience very comfortable. The staff responded almost in real time through their chat system and was amazing to work with. Very helpful and patient.

- Saskia Busch, executive producer at Wicked Pixels

One of our good partners (Brick Visuals) mentioned GarageFarm.NET and told us they are very good, fast, helpful, and also have fair pricing. They didn't lie. Working with you was one of the best decisions we made in the past years, thanks to the flexibility and friendliness you showed towards us.

- Gergely Harvath, co-founder of Digital Dust

I cannot give these guys enough props. We had a really short amount of time to get a massive amount of frames rendered. Not knowing anything about render farms I gave GarageFarm a try. From 24/7 support who never worried about answering my silly questions and guiding me through the process to insanely fast rendering time, I loved the experience. The plugin for Maya was so easy to use and the uploader/downloader tool just worked. If I'm not mistaken I think we processed around 32,500 frames in less than 2 days. Use these guys!!!

- Dylan Holshausen, founder of Speak Geek?

Thank you, guys. We have used tons of different render farm services up until now. You are the best among them. Absolutely you guys have the best support team. Thanks for your great assistance and service. We are appreciated.

- Tatu Creative Studios

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